Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to place order ?  

  Ans You can place order by by filling the contact form or WhatsApp/Call on:
         Mobile no:- +91-8668550840  Email:-

  • Can fabric pot take the weight of soil ?

  Ans Yes it can take the weight of soil it is very strong and heavy fabric.

  • Does water leak from the fabric pots ?

  Ans No water does not leaks out, but it drains out the excess amount of water not required by the plant. Below is a demo video.

  • Does they loose colour or fade away under harsh climate conditions like sun, rain etc. 

 Ans  No they don't loose color or fade away under any harsh climate condition like heavy sun and rain.

  • Are grow bags eco-friendly?

  Ans Yes the grow bags are eco-friendly as the bag is made up of fabric made from recycled plastic waste ,which
         otherwise ends in oceans polluting our water bodies.

  • Are fabric pots washable?

  Ans Yes the grow bags are washables and reusable.
        At the end of every growing season, grow bag can be cleaned and stored for the next planting season.By washing grow                bags ,you can increase the life 2X .


  • How to clean/wash the fabric grow bags?

 Ans Transfer the plant in other pot and wash the empty pot with lukewarm water and mild washing soap with gentle hands             Let it dry and your pot is ready to use again.

  • Can I store these fabric bags in a box when we are not using it ?

  Ans Yes these pots are made up of fabric which can be easily folded and easily stored anywhere as they take very less space.

  • Do grow bags need plate under them?

 Ans Yes grow bags need plate if placing indoors ,so that the excess water from plants doesn't soil the floor.

  • How long do fabric grow bags last?

  Ans The grow bags can be used approx. 7-8 growing seasons but with good care ,the grow bag can last longer also.